About us?

Models, Hostesses, Interpreters, Stewards, for fashion shows, showrooms, fittings, trade fairs, catalogs, advertising and events.


MAC MODELS is the brainchild of 2 Italian models collaborating with their colleagues and friends from which one French and one English.After a long period of alternating between study and work they have united their experience in the world of modeling. We are present in Bologna and Paris, but thanks to the diversity of our staff, we operate all over Italy, France, Germany, USA and we are expanding into other countries with local employees.

Relying on MAC Models means choosing an excellent partner. Working for your public image we put all our expertise and professionalism at your disposal, customized to your specific needs.

Why give us your trust ?

  • For our reliability and professionalism.
  • For the guarantee of our active support being next the client, guiding them in choosing the most suitable staff and assisting them throughout the duration of the collaboration taking care of every detail with utmost professionalism remaining true to our objective to offer the highest quality service.
  • For the best compromise between beauty, intelligence and fluency in our team of collaborators.
  • And finally, because MAC Models speaks the language of your customers bringing Brightness and Success.


Giorgia Cavalli/ Elisabeth Ford